Welcome to the website maternity clothing manufacturer.

We are a Polish manufacturer. Our machinery is located in Lower Silesia, near Wroclaw. We sell retail and wholesale trade and our products are of high quality and attractive prices.

Gregx brand is a brand that was created for future mothers. As you know, the silhouette of a woman during pregnancy is changing rapidly, therefore, concerned with the welfare of a child, every woman should take care of special clothing, which will take account of this unique period.
Maternity Gregx, which consists primarily maternity pants, maternity skirts, maternity clothes, sewn so that each woman had a guarantee of good appearance and safety for the child.
Maternity Pants and skirts have a special lane with an adjusting device, which can be adapted to changes in abdominal circumference. This belt also supports the stomach and protects the baby against the cold.
In the interests of the child in the materials that is sewn Gregx maternity clothes are certified „Safe for Children”. Materials, to produce our garments are high quality, no creases, and is a guarantee of good looks.
Maternity Gregx is sewn in sizes from S to XXXL and Polish product, not Chinese. Our strength is also high quality products.

We sell retail and wholesale. We invite you to cooperate with store owners, wholesalers and individual loads.
Interested persons should contact us by mail, by telephone. We also invite you to visit our office in Bukowicach.